Accessibility Information

Web Accessibility means that people with all abilities as well as people with disabilities can perceive, understand, browse and interact with online content. Accessibility on the stefostrans website means that all our citizens are treated with respect and equality.

Functions / Capabilities:

  • Navigating through the keyboard using Tab (Shift + Tab) respectively to navigate backwards.
  • Skiplinks' provision for immediate access to the basic elements of the website:
  • Jump to content (Shortcut: Alt +1 )

    Jump to navigation bar (Shortcut: Alt +2 )

    Site map (Shortcut: Alt +3 )

  • Switch color contrast (Shortcut: Ctlr+1)
  • Monochrome display activation (Shortcut:Ctlr+2)
  • Font size change (Shortcut:Ctlr+3)
  • Enable font for dyslexics (Shortcut: Ctrl +4 )
  • Display of accessibility information (Shortcut: Ctrl+ 5)
  • Restore Settings (Shortcut: Ctrl+6)
  • Close
    Font size